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They have not been fused in the rapture of some unique mood not focussed by the intensity of an emotion.

Define unique. Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint. Well this can be true but unique is someone you wont see wasting time at the end of the rainbow youll see her riding the rainbow. Unique doesnt just come as a word but it comes as an action.

Unique with the meaning being the only one or having no equal describes an absolute state. The definition of unique is one of a kind. Being the only existing one of its type or more generally unusual or special in some way.

By the mid 19th century unique had developed a wider meaning not typical unusual and it is in this wider sense that it is compared. Something is either unique or not unique. An example of unique is a necklace with a personalized message on the charm.

The peculiar status of americas first lady. A species unique to australia. Alike as to formation aspect and climate the causses are unique in france let it be remembered that this general conference is a unique body.

Unique doesnt just come as a word but it comes as an action. For example since the core meaning of unique from latin one is being only one of its kind it is logically impossible the argument goes to submodify it. Yourdictionary definition and usage example.

Peculiar implies a marked distinctiveness. The foliage on the late blooming plants is more unique than that on the earlier varieties. A career unique in the annals of science.

It either is unique or it is not and there are no in between stages. Something that is unique is unusual or the only one of its type. Existing as the only one or as the sole example.

A case unique in british law. Unique dates back to the 17th century but was little used until the end of the 18th when according to the oxford english dictionary it was reacquired from french. Unique implies singularity and the fact of being without a known parallel.

In this use it cannot therefore be qualified. Eccentric suggests a wide divergence from the usual or normal especially in behavior. Solitary in type or characteristics.

A unique copy of an ancient manuscript.

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